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Denver, Colorado


Identity, Spatial + Interior Design, Collateral, Signage, Web Design and Development


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Seize the Day, Cap the Night

In a world of overly complex, over priced cocktails Yacht Club believes that deliciousness should be attainable to all. This neighborhood hotspot is the perfect place to belly up, grab a beer and a shot, a hotdog from the famous Hollywood Frank or one of America’s top cocktails. Wunder Werkz has been along with Yacht Club for the ride, starting with the first location and following them to their new home in the Cole Neighborhood.


Change to A New Jolly Roger

To support the naughty nautical nature of the brand we crafted a new age jolly roger that their crew could rally around. The simplistic form of the Yacht Club skull instantly became iconic and guided them through many iterations of brand across collaborations, marketing and merch.


Their digital experience took this high low concept even further. We created custom illustrations and animations of core bar antics and made a faithful digital representation of a lively saturday night at Yacht Club on our proprietary web framework. The outcome was not just authentic but also a digital handshake with your favorite local bar.


When they moved to their current location we got another opportunity to further the systems both through digital and physical space. When considering the build out we wanted to keep it to a simple kit of parts based around an idea - if a ship ran aground, what could you reutilize to create a bar on your sandbar - to that end we created a palette of noble materials. Lime washed walls, encaustic tile, wood lath and vintage furniture rounded out a place that felt both warm and contemporary - while not afraid to get a little rowdy.


Where is Yacht Club sailing next? We don’t know but we do know that we are happy to be a part of the scurvy crew.