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Situated in a tech community on the edge of Denver, Goldie & Bob wanted to have a look that was defined by their dynamic, urban surroundings. We created a word mark that had a classic, upmarket feel but had notes of humanist elements and dynamic forms that complimented the buildings surrounding the salon’s location and the more stylish, simplistic cuts they turn out. We removed the over-done ampersandand replaced it with a simplistic and contemporary ‘x’, highlighting a junction of form and function and modernizing the overall look. We highlighted that element by creating brand patterns around the ‘x’ and complemented it with aneffeminate color palette that was both comfortable and hip.

Goldie x Bob
Goldie x Bob business card design
Goldie and Bob product bag
Goldie x Bob wheat paste campaign
Goldie x Bob campaign
Goldie x Bob exterior signage
Goldie x Bob neon signage